Tweets Suggest Super Smash Bros. Switch Is Being Handled By Bandai Namco

A now deleted Twitter account of a Nintendo employee had tweeted that Bandai Namco are helping Nintendo out making Super Smash Bros. for Switch. Developer Tiago Sonobe, who has previously worked on Super Mario Odyssey, tweeted “Left Bandai Namco before the production on Super #SmashBros began, but the rendering engine it was built on was made by me :) #smashbrosswitch”.

As Tiago Sonobe isn’t the most common of names a quick Google reveals multiple pages including a LinkedIn profile that confirms he is an employee of Nintendo and previously worked for Bandai Namco working on a rendering engine. Nintendo confirmed that Super Smash Bros. for Switch would be out this year in a Direct broadcast a couple of months ago, so we might get a full reveal at E3.

Source: Twitter / Google

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