Nolan North To Be Honoured With A Special BAFTA Award

Nolan North is to be awarded an extra special BAFTA at an event in West Hollywood on Monday 11th June, just before E3 kicks off. North is getting the extra gong in recognition for his outstanding contribution to performance in games.

“To be recognised for one’s work is always special, but to be recognised by BAFTA is truly an honour. I am humbled beyond words,” said North. Previous winners include Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill (on behalf of Riot Games), Brenda Romero, Amy Hennig and Markus Persson, aka Notch, the Minecraft chap.


North is most famous as his work as Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games but has also voiced Ghost in both Destiny games, Desmond Miles in the Assassin’s Creed series, David in The Last of Us, Doctor Edward Richtofen in Call of Duty, and many other characters.

He has recently teamed up with his digital brother, Troy Baker, to create the web series Retro Replay where the two will play old games and have top bants, as the kids say these day.

Source: Press release

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  1. He comes across as such a decent bloke – with a cracking sense of humour to boot. Lovely stuff and well deserved, if you ask me.

    • He’s a really good guy. I met him at London Comic Con last year and he was really chatty. One of the staff had to ask him to be quicker because he would be busy chatting to everyone at the booth but the queue was too big for his alloted time.

  2. A special award for “being reasonably competent at your job, many, many times”? Or is it a special award for “being cheaper than Peter Dinklage”?

    • He’s very good, shush.

    • It says Outstanding Contribution to Performance in Games. Over to you to disprove that. Good luck.

  3. It can only go South from here.

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