Rocket League’s Cross-Platform Friends & Parties Feature Rolling Out Late Summer

Psyonix has published the roadmap for what changes will be coming to Rocket League from now until August, and there’s quite a lot to pick through. One of the major additions will be the introduction of cross-platform friends and parties, which is set to release in late summer, where players from different platforms can party up using the in-game friend system.

That’s not all though, This month will see a new arena be added, the start of competitive season 8, and season 7 rewards given out. There will also be new music. In June a summer event will be taking place, and new premium DLC will be made available. One of the major changes though will affect levelling and how XP is earned.


First of all the level 75 cap will be removed and the levelling system will be reworked. Each level will require a fixed amount of XP, and the introduction of this new system may see player levels change. XP will also only be earnable online. Each time you level up you’ll have a chance to earn Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, or Import items, while past level 100 new banners and titles will be available.

A Rocket Pass is also being worked on which will be put in place to change how items are earned, though it will be linked to level. There will be both Free and Premium options here. More details will be announced closer to launch.

Source: Psyonix

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