Sony “Not Profiting” From The Pink Mercy Charity Skin Sale

The internet has got in knickers in a twist as it spotted that sales of the Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin, which raises funds for  Breast Cancer Research Foundation, seems to be generating different amounts of cash depending if you buy the DLC on Xbox on PlayStation.

The wording on the Xbox DLC states that “Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% of the purchase price for your purchase of the Pink Mercy skin on Xbox”, but the PlayStation Store states “Blizzard Entertainment will donate £10.12, or local currency equivalent, that it receives from PlayStation for your purchase of the Pink Mercy skin to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.”


“We are not making any profit from sales of the Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin,” a representative of SIEE commented to VG247.

So why the difference? VAT is the obvious answer and at the UK tax rate that is £2.16 of the price. However, you may have spotted that £10.12 plus £2.16 does not equal £12.99, we’re still missing 71 pence.

There’s a couple of possibilities for that, the promotion is by Blizzard and not Sony so Sony will be still be charging a fee to cover the costs of hosting and listing the product. There’s also the possibility of currency conversion, Blizzard will be paying in Dollars, Sony are collecting the money in Pounds, if they are converting to Dollars before handing the cash to Blizzard there is a charge.

I’ve checked the French PlayStation Store where the DLC is on sale for €14.99, with Sony donating €11.68, French VAT is also 20%, so again there’s a small discrepancy of €0.81. A further check on the German PlayStation store reveals the DLC is on sale for €14.99 but this time Sony is donating €11.78, a little higher as German VAT is 19%, but still a small discrepancy.

It does look like Sony are not profiting from the sale but they may be covering their costs, Microsoft seem to be reimbursing the VAT and distribution fees to Blizzard. Whether or not that makes Sony the bad guys is up to you to decide.

Source: VG247 and Quick Maths

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  1. I think maybe some people have too much time on their hands.

  2. But it quite clearly states that Blizzard are the ones donating 100% of the price or £10.12.

    So it’s quite possible they’re the ones at fault here, and not Sony. They could quite easily say they’ll donate 100% of the price and then sort it all out with Sony without making anyone look bad.

    I suspect it’s probably down to accounting things. But some less reputable websites are making a big fuss over nothing.

  3. Is VAT excluded on products of this type where the proceeds go to charity? Also I’m guessing 100% of the purchase price means the full 12.99, so clearly a discrepancy.

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