What We Played #356 – Pillars Of Eternity 2, Destiny 2 & Laser League

Have any of you played games this week? Or have you been outside in the – gasp – sunshine? It’s a real killer for playing games when it’s sunny outside, and even Switch owners will likely have had to find a shady spot if they wanted to see the screen. That said, I’ve been indoors playing lots of games, though mostly at night when the sun went down. I didn’t have a good time with AO International Tennis, had some fun with Trailblazers (which hopefully gets a good patch soon), checked out the Pirate Warriors 3 port to Switch, enjoyed myself with Project Nimbus: Code Mirai and have continued to Labo away with my children.

Jason doesn’t seem to have been outside at all, tucking into Pillars of Eternity 2, which was “wonderful”, Suicide Guy which was “terrible”, Wizards of Legend which he’s not allowed to say about yet, as well as City of Brass, Destiny 2, and finally Dragon Ball Fighterz, which he’s really bad at online! Gareth played and completed God of War over the weekend, saying “It has a few small issues but is otherwise pretty fantastic”.

Aran played through the CoD: WWII campaign which was “alright”. He also started Beyond Two Souls but is kind of wishing that he went for the chronological option as “it is all over the place in its original state”. Meanwhile, Tuffcub had a bash at the Destiny 2 Warmind expansion, which took a couple of hours, but there’s nothing there to make him start playing it again.

Jim played a shit ton of Into The Breach. He also looped back to For Honor during the free weekend which was “great” before diving into Killing Floor: Incursion, which he called “a great VR shooter that could give Arizona Sunshine, DOOM VFR, Raw Data, and Farpoint a run for their money.” Oh, and he tried some Elite: Dangerous: “It’s an intriguing game though one that requires you to sit through hours of user-made YouTube tutorials just to understand what’s happening.”

Steve played through the rest of Red Faction, a bit of Telltale’s Batman which started off way more violent than he was expecting, and rattled through the fun Fox n Forests for review next week. He also played some Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze with a poorly son.

Despite some clunky dialogue, Ade found A Way Out to be rather emotional and affecting. “It was refreshing to find a game that embraced co-op play to the extent it did”. He’s also just started on Viking Squad, which is Castle Crashers set in Norse Mythology and is seemingly as brilliant as it sounds. He’s also been carrying on with Horizon Zero Dawn and once that’s done it’s on to God of War!

Jake has played Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion and liked the new weapons but hate the “Destiny format” of doing things at this point in time. He’s also dipped back into Assassin’s Creed where he’s been working towards killing all the targets and finding any excuse to ride his camel across the gorgeous Egyptian landscapes.

Dave has had a bit of a nostalgia binge, as well as reviewing a few new games and remasters. Firstly there’s Dragon’s Crown Pro, as well as Robocraft Infinity which “isn’t very good to be, honest despite its good ideas”. He then went and binged the entire Streets of Rage trilogy for the Xbox 360 on his Xbox One since it’s on Xbox’ Games With Gold at the moment, which led to ironically getting Raging Justice – “it’s no Strees of Rage!” Finally he spent a fair bit of time over the past few days playing Laser League, which is really really good!

Trying out both Assassins Creed Origins and Far Cry 5, Miguel found that neither of which seemed to hit the spot. He also messed with Battletech a little bit, played a touch more Monster Hunter World, and about 20 minutes of Elite: Dangerous.

Last but not least, Tef played a mixture of the not terribly exciting Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, the quite brilliant Laser League, the charming but flawed Forgotton Anne and a really great game with Donkey Kong in it.

Now it’s over to you. What have you played this past week?

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  1. I avoided the sun because I don’t understand this weird idea that it’s good. It was a bank holiday weekend. It’s supposed to be cold and wet.

    It was a good excuse to eat ice cream while sat in a nice cool cinema though. Avengers Infinity War. In a completely packed showing on a Sunday evening. Which was good, and I’ve never seen that many people go so quiet for so long at the end.

    And then the games were all the same things as recent weeks, mostly. Never did finish that last trophy for Killing Floor 2. And I’m now onto the last part of Ni No Kuni 2. I think. Apart from a million sidequests. The game grew on me in the end, but still not as good as the first. A very short main story for an RPG, with loads of sidequests to pad it out. (Reminds me of Assassin’s Creed Oranges in that way. What, you didn’t think I was really never going to find a way to call it that again?)

    Plus Monster Hunter World. Which I’m getting confused by. Am I supposed to make progress with the main story? Or just do all sorts of other things while trying out different weapons to see which I prefer?

    There was also some “avoid the latest PSN sale”, which I think I succeeded at for a change. Just as well with the Star Trek Bridge Crew DLC coming soon. Looks like it should be a fun way to spend dozens of hours. (So expect the warm weather to come back when that’s released, because VR and warm weather go together so well)

    • The main quests are definitely the focus early in Monster Hunter World but you will come across points where the mission might be too difficult.
      At that point you should do some side activities to get better weapons and armour sets to help you push through them.
      The great thing is everything you do will be helping you progress and this is especially true when you reach high rank.
      The way I played was to do a fair few “optional” quests, investigations and random SOS requests in between the main assignments which I did solo.
      Also keep an eye on the different weapons and armour sets you can craft, pin them to your wishlist and focus on activities that help you get the materials you need.
      That’s the main loop of the game, the story quests just guide you through the game unlocking more features as you go.
      World was my first Monster Hunter so I had to learn it all from scratch too.

    • Yeah, I’ve reached a couple of points where the main quests suddenly get too much. But there’s plenty of other stuff to do, and so far it hasn’t involved too much grinding to get stronger and progress the main story. And there’s always the SOS flare that seems to summon help remarkably quickly.

      • I’m always jumping on so if you ever need a hand give us a shout :)
        PSN is SuperJag86

  2. The glorious weather heralded a return to my annual game of Lawnmower Man. Afterwards i threw myself down in the baking heat and read some of Ready Player One, which i probably picked up a bit too close to the movie release but i’ve avoided spoilers and i’m nearly halfway done now.

    I also played Beyond Two Souls, third playthrough but first time on PS4 and i chose the chronological order this time. Thoroughly enjoyed it again.

    And plenty more Bloodborne, exploring the areas i’ve recently unlocked and laying waste to several foetid chalice dungeon bosses. I also discovered what seemed to me to be a very rare or possibly even new item …


    • How are you finding the book? I loved it and it’s already on its third lend at work this year, the film seems to have kindled huge interest!
      More GTA Online for me, I’m hoofing up through the 80s numbered level now so just need to do a little bit of trophy boosting to win tennis etc and ensure the platinum, which I never dreamed I’d bag. I’m a happy trophy hunting bunny :)

      • I’m enjoying it so far, lot’s of setting up the scene but the story is stepping up a bit now. It’s not as deep or convoluted as the Otherland series (Tad Williams) but has some similar concepts and i’m enjoying the VR tech and all the 80’s references!

  3. After a week’s break, I went back and finished the last two hours of Far Cry 5. Haven’t found it that great tbh. I’d probs give it a 6/10. Much prefered previous games in the series. Roll on the DLC and Far Cry 3 remaster!

  4. Not much this week, you’ll be glad to hear (no essays).

    Mostly, Far Cry 5. I am enjoying it for the most part but I feel like I’m just playing it because it’s there and not because I want to.

    I’m not sure what it is?

    I remember really enjoying Far Cry 3/Blood Dragon and Primal (a lot) but for whatever reason, FC4 and 5 haven’t wowed in the same way.

    I can’t even point out any one thing it does badly. It looks great, plays well etc. I guess it’s a case of ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’

    Other than that, I cleared episode 4 of Batman: Enemy Within. It took me five sittings to get through it. Again, I feel like I should be enjoying it but it’s been quite a chore. I think the game is actually very good …maybe I just really need a holiday.

  5. This week I continued catching up with MCU, as over the last years I only saw the odd Iron Man movie, but missed quite a few others, and wasn’t aware of the bigger plot behind it all. So I watched about three Thor movies, two of this Captain can’t remember what country that was again, and Doctor Strange and some more films, and they were all surprisingly good. So, I’ll soon be ready for Infinity War.
    That left little time for gaming, I just continued some more Rime.

    • Weird… I spent the last two weeks watching all the MCU movies in order…. Iron Man – Thor Ragnarok. The only one I haven’t seen is Black Panther but I’m taking my Nephews to see Infinity War (AGAIN) this weekend.

      Top five MCU:

      Thor Ragnarok
      Guardians of the Galaxy
      Captain America: Winter Soldier
      Avengers Assemble
      Captain America: Civil War

      Special Mention: Infinity War.

      To be fair, I like them all. The only one I’m not mad about is The Incredible Hulk.

      • The MCU run has been pretty special given how many movies have come out and there haven’t really been any stinkers, I think the worse ones you could still argue are ok.
        My top three are the same as you JR but it gets very tricky after that.
        I’d like to watch Infinity War again to see how well it holds up but it was an amazing ride on first viewing.
        I just hope DC can find their footing. They don’t need a deeply interconnected universe, they just need to focus on telling great stories.

      • Iron Man never gets into anyone’s list of the best MCU movies, does he?

        And everyone seemed to love Black Panther, even though it was pretty average.

        I’d probably agree on that top 5 though, except I’d make it a top 6 because Infinity War definitely belongs there somewhere. And then I’d make it a top 7, because Ant-Man. (Probably because even though he left as director, Edgar Wright is still all over it. Which is a good thing. And obviously the reason for random music by The Cure)

        They must be doing something right if there’s 19 films and I can’t narrow it down to be any more specific than a top 7.

      • Yeah, it’s pretty tough narrowing it down to five.

        Top ten is much easier:

        Thor Ragnarok
        Guardians of the Galaxy
        Captain America: Winter Soldier
        Avengers Assemble
        Captain America: Civil War

        Infinity War
        Iron Man
        Ant Man
        Doctor Strange

        Special Mention: Iron-Man 3, Captain America: The First Avenger.

        Top 12 then :D

        I think Infinity War could be even higher when Part 2 comes out next year.

        I’m taking two mini-superheroes to see Infinity War again tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing it a second time. So much happens and it moves so quickly, I feel like I need a second viewing just to take it all in.

        Black Panther is the only one I haven’t seen yet but I think it’s out on home video release next month, so I’ll definitely be renting it then. Heard a lot of people raving about it and a lot of people who thought it was just ok. I’ll just watch it and judge it on my own terms.

        The DC Universe movies are a bit of a mess tbh but I did enjoy them for the most part. Batman has so much potential to be rebooted. They probably should have made a few standalone Batman movies before opening up the DC Universe. Batman used to be King in the Superhero movie genre and Burton/Nolan’s Batman movies are some of my favourite superhero movies ever. The Arkham games were brilliant too – I wish they would make a movie trilogy in the style of the Arkham games.

  6. Still almost only God of War for me, i have finished the story and am now on my way to the plat.

    Apart from that i finished hue and started VA-11 Hall-A (or Vallhalla), both on the Vita, the latter being a cyberpunk bartending visual novel. And i like it quite a bit so far.

    • I wish they’d release the Vita version of VA-11 Hall-A in the UK, I remember playing it on PC and it’s such a chill game.

  7. I managed to get the Platinum in God of War right at the beginning of the week, which I had a lot of fun getting. I’m still blown away by how good a game it turned out being.
    After that I’ve started a survivor playthrough of Rise of the Tomb Raider, which while a lot of fun isn’t as hard as the difficulty setting suggests.
    I’ve also been playing Telltale’s Batman season 2 which works really well if you’re a Batman fan and has some pretty tricky choices.
    Just have the final episode to go which I should finish this weekend.

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