Just Cause Developers Avalanche Are Helping Make Rage 2

You have to give Bethesda a round of applause for handling the all the Rage 2 leaks, some companies would through their toys out the pram and sulk – I’m talking about you, Halo 5 developers – but Bethesda have took it on the chin with good humour. The latest leak comes from, well, Bethesda themselves, on the Russian version of their website.


As you can see Avalanche are listed as developers along with iD, and this has been confirmed by Avalanche. However, when Walmart leaked Rage 2 they also leaked Just Cause 4, so who is making that?

Discussing the leaks on Twitter, on tweet asked “Are there story spoilers on your site too?”, and another suggested “They probably have the entire design document in the fine print” to which Bethesda replied “It’s definitely possible at this point.”

They also tweeted “See the gameplay trailer tomorrow, even if it leaks early.”

Source: Twitter

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