The Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer & Details Have Landed, Coming 2019

Following yesterday’s teaser Bethesda have released a gameplay trailer for Rage 2, the sequel much like the Spanish Inquisition in that no one was expecting it.


Developed by Avalanche Studios in partnership with id Software, it features a character known as Walker, the last Ranger in the wasteland who’ll go up against The Authority, much like in the first game. There’s the same focus on mixing first person shooting with vehicular combat and an open world to explore – Bethesda describe it as a “shooterverse”. Avalanche have a little experience with this kind of thing.

Rage 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Looks like Borderlands and Just Cause had a baby.

  2. Didn’t the first game have some technical issues? Textures taking forever to load? And the developers that made such a mess of Just Cause 3 are doing this?

    Why do I get the feeling all those slow motion bits in the first half of the trailer are actually the real speed it can just about manage?

    • Just cause was fine apart from a janky frame rate now and then

      • It was a bit worse than “janky”. It could drop down to single digit frame rates if too much chaos happened at once. Basically unplayable at that point, and you had to wait for stuff to stop happening and hope you didn’t die before then.

        If you think it was just “janky”, then you obviously just got lucky. Which is quite possible, I guess. But it could definitely get very, very bad. Google what Digital Foundry said about it. Don’t usually trust them, as they’re very obviously biased towards Xbox, but in this case, they were claiming frame rates as low as 15fps for “long stretches”. And linking to Youtube videos showing it being even worse. (Frame rates that should be measured in “frames per minute”, really)

        There was nothing “fine” about the game. At least not when it came to a playable frame rate. The rest of it was fine, when it worked.

      • Maybe that was case on launch but it wasn’t bad when I played it.

    • Avalanche also made Mad Max which didn’t have the same kinds of issues as Just Cause 3 and, explosions aside, is probably more representative of the kinds of stresses that the game will put on consoles.

      And tech has moved on a lot since the first Rage which was not well suited to the small amount of RAM last gen and the split RAM of the PS3 in particular. Modern consoles have a lot more RAM.

      So yes, Just Cause 3 and Rage had issues, but that’s not really considering the context in which Rage 2 is actually being developed.

      • Well, Mad Max was fun, I guess. So that’s something in it’s favour.

        So it’ll have a huge open world map with a billion icons on then? And an annoying sidekick you can’t kill, however much you try? ;)

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