2K And People Can Fly Open New Studios

We often report on studio closures so it’s nice to have some good news with the announcement of three new teams being set up.

First up is 2K’s Hangar 13 studio which has taken over an indie studio in Brighton, UK, which currently consists of ex Split/Second developers. Hangar 13 have previously worked on Mafia III and the new studio will be expanded to work on a currently unannounced AAA console game. After the closure of Black Rock there has been no major developer in the region which has meant new talent has limited options when it comes to job, something Hangar 13 wish to change.


“We want to be getting out in front of the next generation and helping them through internships and mentoring,” said Hangar 13’s Andy Wilson. “Trying to provide opportunities for people coming out of college, who are just trying to work out that big scary problem of how to get into games. Many, many, many years ago, Nick and I went through that same situation. The competition has not got any less. There are more game courses now, there are more people trying to get into the industry. And although the industry has grown, if you want to work in console AAA for example, then your options are limited.”

Meanwhile, Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly have opened two new studios, one of which is also based in the UK. PCF Newcastle is already up and running and includes ex-Ubisoft staff, and PCF Rzeszów, which is based  in the southern part of Poland, has developers who previously worked on the Sniper: Ghost Warrior franchise. Both studios are working on a new IP, a AAA shooter developed alongside Square Enix.

Source: AGD / GI.BIz


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