Production Of Physical PS Vita Games To Cease

The brave PS Vita was graced with some genuinely impressive games but the end is nigh as Sony are to finish production of the cartridges that are used by physical copies of games. Publishers will be able to order them up until February next year but they will stop rolling off the production line in Europe and America at the end of March 2019.

The Vita did well in the West for the first couple of years and had it’s own Assassin’s Creed (which I’m playing right now and it’s great), a brand new Killzone game that really showed what you could do with the system, and even a port of Borderlands 2. However, support waned after a few years and a number of games were just downright poor such as the Vita Call of Duty, and everyone’s still waiting for Vita Bioshock.


However, the system was still going strong in Japan until very recently and it appears you will still be able to buy physical Vita games over there.  Sony will be dropping the free PS Vita games from PlayStation Plus next year, another sign that the Vita really hasn’t got much longer to live.

Source: Kotaku 

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  1. Well it’s had a good run and garnered plenty of love, despite the terrible support from Sony over here in the west. I’ve still got a few games to play on mine and it’s still a solid remote play machine, now comes the truly boring years of zero support but the occasional firmware update, after which we can look forward to some simple hacks and retro emulation!

  2. I still absolutely love my Vita (original OLED baby) and yes it had problems but the excellent indie support alongside some great big games means it’ll always be one of my all time favourite consoles.
    You could argue that Sony didn’t do enough to support it but I think you can’t put all the blame on them, it just didn’t catch on for some reason.
    Maybe it was the rise of iPhone gaming or the stupidly expensive memory cards or maybe just a bit of everything that added up to work against it being the huge success it deserved.
    I still think it’s worth picking up one while you can, there’s a massive library to catch up on including some great PSP titles and even digital games are relatively cheap.
    If Sony really wanted to go out with a bang I’d love one last special edition OLED console but with microSD support or a decent chunk of onboard flash memory.

  3. Love my Vita,to this day its my most favourite portable console. Im loving the switch but the vita was around during a time in my life where I was traveling alot and pretty much saved me from boredom. Long live the Vita.

  4. The end is nigh? It ended years ago. I haven’t seen the console or any of its games in any retailers, no major news, nothing. Sony killed it with lack of support, so I think winding down all the little things was inevitable, and hardly surprising.

  5. Still use my vita daily, of a lunch time at work and on the tube home.. still have a fairly large backlog of games to play and use it for watching videos a lot too.

    Think it was such an underrated console. Still have my original OLED i got 6 months after release, in that time only issue i had was with power, but just needed to replace the battery

  6. I haven’t used the Vita for a while but the kids play on theirs all the time. PS Vita and Disney Infinity. Both still very much alive in my house.

    As long as they don’t remove Vita games from the PSN, I don’t have a problem with them retiring the cartridges tbh.

  7. My little one loves the vita, he loves playing the numbers game on the tutorial. Just managed to get him to use the AR fireworks and he’s obsessed with it.

    Shame Sony abandoned this, this could have gave the switch a run for its money, if Sony dedicated its remote play

  8. It’s a shame that after the PSP, Sony just couldn’t get Vita right.

    • I disagree, the vita was and is the perfect handheld, they just fucked up with the memory card.

      • I agree JTN, if Vita had arrived a few years earlier and without those ridiculously priced memory cards, it would have done so much much better. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

        Other than those things, it’s pretty much perfect (for me anyway). Only other thing I would change is having L2/R2 buttons.

      • JR, definitely agree about the second shoulder buttons. In that respect I think the rear touch pad contributed a bit to the Vita’s downfall, it was a gimmick too far, poorly used by all but a couple of games and I reckon stopped Sony from revising the hardware with L2 and R2. If we ever get another PSP I think they’ll nail it, Switch style!

  9. As far as I remember, I never bought a single game on one of these cartridges, only online, so this is not the end..! :o)
    Reminds me, I still got another backlog on the Vita, which I haven’t played for a while, but which is a great console.

  10. Such a shame really. I really love my Vita / PSTV and it’s in constant rotation with the obscure jrpg’s, visual novels and indie games.

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