Resident Evil 7 Is Coming To Switch In Japan Via The Cloud

Capcom are looking to tap into the Switch’s popularity in a new and interesting way, announcing that Resident Evil 7 is coming to the console in Japan, but is doing so as a streamed game. As good as it is to see more major games on Switch, this comes with a number of caveats.


The biggest thing to consider is that instead of being able to buy the game permanently, you can only get it with a 180 day pass to play for 2,000 yen (around £13). It will also rely on having a steady internet connection, and while bandwidth and internet speed shouldn’t be a concern, you would have difficulty taking this on the go.

However, on the plus side, £13 isn’t that bad if you’re going to play the game through and it will also include all the DLC, while the game servers will be able to push much higher graphical quality than the Switch could natively.

Currently this is only coming to Japan, and seems to be Capcom dipping a toe into the game streaming waters to see how they can better cater to the growing Switch audience.

Source: YouTube via Polygon

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