Kojima Is Getting Excited About E3, Has Some Lovely Moss To Show You

Three weeks until E3 is upon us and the PlayStation family of developers are getting excited. Naughty Dog chairman Neil Druckmann‏ tweeted a picture which I’m pretty sure was taken from last year’s The Last of Us II trailer, but Hideo Kojima has chosen to show us something new. 

At least, I think it’s new, I’ve re-watched the old Death Stranding trailers and the image below is not from them, so here it is, an extra special sneak preview of… some MOSS! WOOOOOO!


It’s very nice moss isn’t it? Lovely, lovely moss, possibly the best moss you have ever seen on PlayStation 4 (or 5, depending on when you think Death Stranding will be out). The image was tweeted along with the text “Decima×Kojima=DS.”

Source: Twitter

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  1. Moss Effect 5?

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