Rec Room’s Rec Royale Mode Goes Live On June 7th

Against Gravity’s VR title Rec Room is the latest game to throw its hat into the Battle Royale arena, with the studio announcing that Rec Royale will be available on June 7th for PSVR and PC, with the mode being cross-platform. For those with a Rec Room account, there will be a public test this weekend starting on  May 25th and ending on May 27th. The player count won’t be quite as big as similarly themed games with matches having 16 players.

The landscape will be a national park which consists of ravines, forests, and mountains where you can hunt or be hunted. On PS4 players will not require PS Plus to play the Rec Royale mode.  When Rec Room launches players will be able to create custom rooms.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. A game adding a Battle Royale mode when it actually makes sense? Shocking.

    And it does make sense in this case. People have been suggesting it for a while, the developers seem to listen to the users, and the whole point of Rec Room is that it’s a bunch of random things thrown together, really. Pirates and robots and wizards and kids that think it’s hilarious to draw a penis with the maker gun it gives you. (Admittedly, I’m 46 and sometimes find a penis amusing)

    The only problem is, I’m not sure it can handle 16 players at once. The paintball and laser tag games only have up to 4 players on both teams, and sometimes that can cause performance issues (which are very unpleasant in VR). Recent improvements seem to have solved that, but doubling the number of players again might be unwise.

    Still, it’s free and the whole game is lots of fun anyway.

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