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Sony: “PlayStation 4 Is Entering The Final Phase Of It’s Life Cycle”

PlayStation CEO John Kodera has been speaking at an investor relations meeting in Japan and has told attendees that the PS4 is “is entering final phase of its life cycle.”  The presentation was live tweeted by the Wall Street Journal’s tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki who also reported that there will be more first party exclusives for the console.

However, these may not be new IPs, “Beefing up first-party titles wouldn’t just mean more new IPs, strategy includes franchising successful IPs and refreshing existing IPs.”

That sounds like more sequels are in the works, but ‘franchising successful IPs’ is new, that does sound like they might farm out successful series to other studios. I’m not sure I want anyone else to make an Uncharted game, but perhaps another studio might pick up Killzone, Resistance, or Jak and Daxter. I’m still hoping for a G-Police reboot.

It was also reported that PSVR sales are performing worse than expected, but that’s true of sales for all VR devices, and Sony are looking for “further growth with a realistic outlook”.

Whilst it is true the PlayStation 4 is getting on a bit it’s still selling, all Sony have done with this announcement is fuel expectations for a reveal of the PlayStation 5 in the near future. At E3 last year Sony’s Shawn Layden stated that the PS5 was being considered but “it will probably be some time.”

Source: Twitter via MCV

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  1. PS1 Release Date Saturday – December 3, 1994
    Time Between 5 Years 3 months – 1918 days

    PS2 Release Date Saturday – March 4, 2000
    Time Between 6 years and 8 months – 2444 days

    PS3 Release Date Saturday – November 11, 2006
    Time Between 7 Years, 5 days – 2562 days

    PS4 Release Date Friday – Nov 15, 2013
    Time Between 7 years & 1 day – 2558 days total

    If the pattern continues then PS5 will release in late 2020, most likely in November.

    There is also one important factor to consider. The release of PS4 pro was unprecedented for the company. Previous slim editions and other hardware revisions have not been such a clear core upgrade.

    How this will effect the companies plans could go either way.

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