OMG YASS! Bus Simulator 18 Details Revealed!

Alright calm down, I’m only teasing with that headline I know a hell of a lot of people really like the genre of games that simulate really mundane things like buses, trains, farming, or being a once awesome demi-god now saddled with a pesky child.

If you’re in to buses then we have some news regarding the gleaming metal beasts you will be able to drive in Bus Driver 18, check this out.


Virtual bus drivers will start their game with a two-door Mercedes-Benz Citaro K. Later on they will also encounter bit by bit the other bus models of Bus Simulator 18, with which they will be able to gradually expand their company fleet. These include the two-door Setra S 416 LE business, the three-door MAN Lion‘s City bus, a three-door, twelve meter long IVECO BUS Urbanway with natural gas drive as well as a three-door, 18.1 meter long Mercedes-Benz Citaro G articulated bus. In addition, there are the triaxial three-door Setra S 418 LE business, a three-door 18 meter long IVECO BUS Urbanway CNG articulated bus and finally the 5-door, 18.7 meter long MAN Lion´s City CNG articulated bus, which also comes with a natural gas drive.

Phwooar, eh lads?A triaxial three-door Setra S 418 LE business! Woof woof!

Bus Simulator 18 for PC will be released on June 13th in retail and digital stores for around £26.99.

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  1. Do they really need all that small print at the end of the video? “The buses in this game may vary from the actual products in shape, colour and performance”?? That’s disappointing. I want my buses to be bus shaped!

    Also, why is this a thing? Were there 17 previous versions? Who keeps buying them? Will anyone admit to it?

    And a 5-door, 18.7 meter long bus? Woof bloody woof! Why get excited by the “triaxial three-door Setra S 418 LE” thing when you’ve got that? That’s almost 4m bigger. (Yes, I Googled it, and of course there’s a wikipedia page for it. In Dutch)

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