Days Of Play Promotion To Return, Discounts On PS4 Games

Sony have announced the Days of Play promotion that ran last year is to return with discounts on games and hardware via participating retailers. There will also be a rather nifty limited edition PlayStation 4 in blue and gold which will be on sale from 8th June.



The offers will run from From 8th to 18th June, here’s what is in store.

  • PS4 Days of Play Limited Edition with two wireless controllers £249.99 RRP*
  • PS VR Starter Pack with additional software bundle £199.99 RRP
  • DualShock 4 and Limited Edition DualShock 4 from £39.99 RRP
  • God Of War for £39.99RRP
  • GT Sport for £15.99 RRP
  • Shadow of the Colossus for  £15.99 RRP
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy for  £15.99 RRP
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for €29.99 RRP
  • Uncharted 4 for €19.99 RRP
  • PS VR games from £15.99  RRP
  • And much more

UPDATE: Now with official prices in GBP where available, thanks James123!

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Some great deals on PSVR too. This could be the time to bite. I can justify £200 if the VR experiment goes to pot in a few months 🤪 but I think we’re safe for a while yet.

    • Go on, you know you want to. £200 is a bargain. Even if you need some Move controllers as well. And then spend far too much on games.

  2. Great! When logged in the registration form disappears, so I can’t register…

  3. And in the US, the Aim controller is one of the things on offer. Presumably it’s only in Europe where they neglected to actually make enough of the bloody things.

  4. PSVR including a Camera for 199.99 is one hell of a bargain. Still though, it’s not enough to tempt me.

  5. God of War £40!!!


    Hardly a bloody promotional sale price is it?

    • Currently £42.85 from Amazon, so yeah, it’s a bit of a rubbish deal.

      • Not a rubbish deal. Its a similar trend to usual.

        The games only just came out. Its more a first discount from the usual £52 price on the store. More in line with other places. The next deal will probably be £35, then £30, £25 etc.

        I’d be pretty miffed if I bought this full price only to see a massive discount a few weeks later. £40 sounds about right to me for a new AAA game that’s been out a few weeks.

  6. I’d say it is considered it’s only been out a month and still selling well. What’s the RRP £54.99? Not seen it for less than £45.

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