The Atari VCS Is Now Up For Pre-Order Exclusively At IndieGoGo

Atari has announced that its VCS console is now up for purchase, and it is being sold exclusively through IndieGoGo. There are a number of perks but if you just want the console itself it will cost $199 at its early bird price. Once those go then the cost will be $249. If you want the console and joystick then the price is currently at $229 down from $279. There’s also a Day One Collector’s Edition which has the trademark wood front for $299.


The OS is based on Linux and will be open allowing buyers to load on their own software to customise the experience. With the sandbox mode you can also create apps. All VCS’ will come bundled with over 100 classic Atari titles, and there will also be online services though there is mention of a subscription for advanced services. There will be access to online streaming services too. You’ll also be able to use voice control to navigate the console.

Tempest 4000 is one of the new games heading to the Atari VCS, but there isn’t much news on what other new games will be released for the platform. The Atari VCS is expected to release in Spring 2019.

Source: Press Release

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  1. Those ridges will also come in handy for collecting dust. It is kinda cool now that we know what it actually does but for that money i would invest in one of the multi-platform-emulating alternatives.

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