Fallout 76 Is Reportedly An Online Survival Game

Bethesda’s teaser trailer for Fallout 76 drew a lot of attention yesterday – hundreds of thousands of people were watching a “Please Stand By” screen for far too long before the trailer actually dropped – but then the trailer revealed very little beyond being based around Vault 76 and that more would be unveiled at E3.


Unluckily for Bethesda, Kotaku’s sources have leaked quite a bit more about the game, describing it as an online survival RPG in the vein of DayZ and Rust. It’s a major shift for the series, which has always featured a single player RPG, but it actually comes as an extension of Fallout 4. The early prototypes were apparently about bolting multiplayer onto Fallout 4, and that game’s base building elements certainly fit in with a survival game. However, the rest of the core gameplay has had to be adapted and evolved since then.

Being based off Fallout 4 also explains why Bethesda Game Studios’ main Maryland office is reportedly involved, as well as the Austin studio that was previously working on the now cancelled BattleCry.

We’ll find out for sure when the game is shown off during Bethesda’s E3 press conference on 10th June.

Source: Kotaku 

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  1. Another potential contender for Battle Royale with cheese.

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