Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Confirmed, Reveal At E3

The official Assassin’s Creed twitter has posted a very short video of what appears to be a Roman solider kicking someone off a cliff  followed by the leaked Assassin’s Creed Odyssey logo and the words “See you at E3”.

You can see it on Twitter here, below is version that has been uploaded to YouTube.


The video seems to confirm the setting as Greece, and if that leak is correct then some of the other leaks are probably correct. Here’s a summary of the leak taken from Reddit:

  •  Takes Place in Greece during Flavian Dynasty
  • 2 Playable characters, but can only play one per play through. Character’s have intersecting but different stories, different forms of Eagle Vision, different skills, etc.
  • Naval has a massive return, see below
  • Unity style customization with massive improvements
  • Return of Social Stealth
  • Return of Brotherhood System
  • Return of Renovation System
  • Crafting is massively upgraded
  • Fight mythical beasts and legendary ship battles
  • Return of smoke bombs
  • Return of Weapon Wheels
  • Mix between parkour and origins style tombs
  • Coming Holiday 2018
  • Map involves Achaea, Macedonia, Epirus, Thrace, The Aegean and Ionian Sea, and Asia. Much like how Unity had districts split in 3 sections, each Roman State is divided into several regions. The map (sorry about poor quality) shows the region of Attica (Athens) from the Roman State of Achaea.
  • Target system works similarly to Ghost Recon Wildlands, meaning not all targets need to be taken out before taking out the main bad guy. Only 3/6 “states” need to be liberated. The characters will often have different targets, except the state leader, which are major points of intersection.
  • Templars/Roman Clients are using an apple to oppress people for Vespasian and his “propaganda machine”
  • Naval has a huge amount of customization. All upgrades to your ship are done in game only but more cosmetics are available including flags, sails, paint, crew customization, emblem customization, and “shanties”. Some options such as crew outfits, emblems, flags, sails, and shanties will be available in the store
  • On top of this a fleet system will be implemented, where the player can give commands to AI ships that can be ordered to sail with you. Some missions and optional battles will be fleet based rather than single ship on ship, and you have the option to upgrade your fleet ships for resources and money as well.
  • On top of emblem customization, the player can choose from some color pallets for the robes and change torso, arms, boots, and belt. These changes are merely cosmetic.
  • Players can blend with crowds, individuals, mounts, static objects. Most of these have special animations like you might have seen in Discovery Tour. Some civilian boats can also be blended with. A disguise system is also present, similar to Unity.
  • Players can recruit crew mates, buy crew mates, buy other factions, or recruit brotherhood members. Most brotherhood members will appear on your ship or in your hideout. Some members are recruited through special missions while most are random encounters while liberating regions and states.
  • Once regions have been liberated some shops can be renovated and landmarks purchased. This will obviously generate income, which is useful as upgrades become expensive for your fleet, brotherhood, and crew.
  • Crafting returns to upgrade health, physical stealth, damage from range and melee, ammo quantities, and weapons. All upgrades take materials and some money. Weapons can be upgraded at any time by a blacksmith and can be brought up in rarity along with having different elemental stats tacked on, including sleep, bleed, health drain, poison, flames, frost, and shock. Bombs can be constructed again as well, allowing for creation of distraction bombs, stun bombs, and lethal bombs. Most consumables can be crafted as well, including throwing knives, berserk darts, sleep darts, and arrows.
  • To allow quick changes in tactics, weapon wheels return.
  • Replayable missions are coming back, as is an option to reset locations. As a result, NG+ is not returning, especially since players cannot carry over anything between characters
  • Modern day gameplay exists, but isn’t too much more than Origins.
  • Made by Montreal team 1 (Unity team)
  • Aya/Bayek have similar role in story like Altair did in AC2

Source: Twitter

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  1. I haven’t even finished origins yet.
    Don’t think that I can be bothered with navel engagement especially if it’s on a large scale.

    I’ll probably get as I’m a sucker for nice new things 😀

  2. Yay!

    I hope they have interesting characters this time. A similar plot to the movie Gladiator would be perfect.

    Glad to see all of these features being brought back.

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