Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Listed On Korean Ratings Board

Let’s face it, everyone knows Fortnite will be heading to Nintendo Switch, it’s the only platform it is not on and if the game can run on a mobile phone it can certainly run on Nintendo’s hardware. There are have been quite a few ‘leaks’ of Nintendo’s E3 games and Fortnite always appears on them, because, well, it’s obvious.

Those lovely chaps at the Korean Ratings Board, who have leaked many games before, have listed a Switch version of Epic’s popular shooter. The registration by Epic Games Korea states the game is “a third-person shooter action Nintendo switch game that collects resources and builds defensive fortresses to stop monsters. Comic expression of a slight level of attack. (Attack expression using various weapons against human and extraterrestrial life)”


That sounds like Epic have ported the whole game to Switch, not just the Battle Royale mode.

Source: KRB via Twitter

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