Laser League v1.1 Adds More Maps And Class Abilities

Not all versions of Roll7’s quite excellent Laser League were released quite the same. While the game featured plenty of maps, laser patterns and classes, the game on PC had more. A simple matter of the changes having to go through certification on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One meant that Roll7 simply had to promise them for a little down the line.

That update is out now with Content Update v1.1, and trust us when we say that this includes some of the best maps in the game.


Here’s what it adds:

Rio Stadium – 4 maps

  • Matchsticks
  • Jennifer’s Revenge
  • Spiral
  • Blink

Aiolia Stadium – 3 maps

  • Waka
  • Supernova
  • Tube

Two new power ups

  • Escalate
  • Expand

Six new class ability modifiers

  • Smash: Combo
  • Ghost: Agile
  • Thief: Heist
  • Snipe: Nitro
  • Shock: Nitro
  • Blade: Range

Colourblind mode
Localised audio for stadium announcers
…and a whole bunch of minor bugs fixed. Enjoy!

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