TSA E3 Bingo 2018

Bingo, bango! It’s time for our traditional E3 Bingo, which will have you checking up on all the latest rumours and announcements – find my own best guesses here. Can you believe this is the 9th year we’re doing this nonsense?

Whether you’re a Bingo veteran or this is your first time, let’s quickly recap the aim of the game. Below, you will find a set of 12 drop menus that contain things which may or may not appear or occur during the conferences for you to choose from. The bracketed number alongside signifies the number of points each item is worth, with the more likely options having fewer points, and the less likely and more unusual options rewarding you with more points – if something has been absolutely confirmed like, The Division 2’s reveal being at E3, then we’ve tried to spice things up a bit. The person who guesses and gets the most points is the winner, and gets to feel terribly smug for a few days.

The full list of options can be seen on the second pageneatly arranged by conference. There’s over 100 options to chose from, so it’s best to look through the list and decide what choices you want to make. You’ve got until 18:59 BST on Saturday 9th June to get your entries in, which is just before EA’s Conference starts.

The Rules

Simply pick 12 unique options from the list below and submit the form. You can only enter once, so make sure you’re happy with your choices and try not to pick duplicates, as they won’t count. Make sure you get your entry in by 18:59 BST on the 9th June. Where it’s debatable if an option came true or not, our decision is final, and may award half points if it’s a bit touch and go.

Once all the conferences and E3 have wrapped up, we’ll aim to get the results to you as soon as we can, but please be aware that counting them all up can take a little while.

All that’s left to say is good luck, and enjoy E3!

Times up! Good luck to everyone that entered and we’ll be back with the winners once the dust has settles on E3.

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  1. I’m hoping to get my highest finish ever. Not a difficult task as I’m normally in the bottom few.

    • Don’t worry. I’ve made my choices, so you can probably be fairly sure of beating someone and not being last.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful TSA Bingo. For the umpteenth yeah I’m trying to win big on a Half Life 3 announcement! I’ve got a good feeling this time, I’ll win big I know I will.

  3. Tough choices! I would shit a brick if a new F Zero was announced.

    • A 9 year anniversary is definitely impressive and despite being a part of TSA for 9 years I think it’s the first time I’ve entered.

      • My first time entering too, i have been here for years i just don’t comment a lot.

  4. What Chuck Norris is real?

    • Isn’t he just a meme?

      • No, he’s a story parents tell their kids to scare them into behaving. Make sure they grow up into full sized people, rather than those freaky little things they start out as.

        Behave, or Chuck Norris will come for you, and the majority of shelves will forever be out of reach.

  5. All done now, for better or worse. :)
    Best of luck everyone!

  6. Well I’ve gone for the cunning tactic of not really reading any of them at all and just selecting the ones with the highest points.

    Good luck Tony. Oh wait, that’s me!

    • It’s okay to wish yourself luck mate, we all want you to win! But there’s so such thing as altruism so if you do win we expect you to take us all to Vegas and buy us cars.

  7. Do you mean Forza Horizon 4? – 3 has been out for ages.

    • Oops, yes. Read Forza Horizon 3 as 4.

  8. Done :-)

  9. There were some great choices!
    I decided to go for broke and not choose any 1 or 2 point options.
    Come on Wet 2!

  10. I want that mini ps1!

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