Star Wars Battlefront II’s Han Solo Season Continues Next Week

Despite launching the long awaited Han Solo Season in Star Wars Battlefront II a couple weeks ago, EA took the unusual decision of not telling us a damn thing about what it actually entailed. In comparison to the detailed weekly plan for the first season, here we just had a bunch of original trilogy content that was largely warmed over from the first game.

Of course, that was partly because the Solo movie hadn’t been released yet, but it’s only now that we have the announcement of the second part of Solo Season, set to kick off on 12th June next week.


Here’s what it includes:

  • New Location Kessel – The notorious coaxium mines of the planet Kessel will available in a variety of modes including Blast, Hero Showdown, Heroes vs. Villains or Extraction.
  • Extraction Mode – This popular mode first seen in Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim will make its return. In extraction, an infiltration squad must retrieve and escape with a critical payload while fending off enemy forces. Players will join as either attackers or defenders in this asymmetrical and intense mode.
  • Lando’s Millennium Falcon – Take the Millennium Falcon for a spin prior to when Han Solo won it in a game of sabac.
  • New Appearances – Arrive to battle in style with new Appearances for Han Solo, Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca, all carefully modeled after their looks in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Yup, that’s a third Millennium Falcon in the game… but at least there’s a new map on Kessel and the Extraction game mode, which returns from the first game’s Outer Rim DLC. EA notes that Lando’s Falcon is available for Credits only, while the various appearances (skins) can be bought with Credits or microtransaction Crystals.


It’s a little underwhelming, if you ask me, but DICE promise that there will be more news on the game’s future at EA Play this weekend.

Source: press release, EA

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  1. I’m looking forward to trying the new Falcon, she looks pretty hot in the film! I’m hoping we’ll be able to launch the escape pod (new pointy front bit) at other ships like some sort of Glasgow kiss in space.

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