The Days Of Play PSN Sale Is Now On

It’s E3 sale time on the PSN store and a number of big games are reduced including God of War: Digital Deluxe Edition and Far Cry 5. There’s also discounts on a number of PSVR games which is nice. There are also discounts on hardware via selected retailers, and you can get 30% off a PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription.


Here’s what is on offer via the PSN.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. That’s another impressive sale! Burnout just below the price it should’ve been at release seems like a no brainier.

    • I just platinumed Burnout Paradise Remastered, one of the most fun games I’ve played in ages.

    • Yes, I couldn’t resist it for that price. And Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Backlog? What backlog??

      Star Trek: Bridge Crew is also absolutely essential for anyone with The Fancy Hat. £16 plus the £12 you’ll want to spend on the TNG DLC. (I’m always happy to help out new players. Just ask, once you’ve done the tutorials)

      There’s too many other things on that list that I don’t want to look at too closely in case I get tempted further.

    • Good to hear it’s a crowd pleaser! Can’t wait to take it for a spin.
      Backlog, what’s that? All I have is a collection of expensive coasters sealed inside dvd cases.

      • Another big advantage of downloaded games: your backlog takes less space in your living room..! :o)

  2. Just noticed the NFS Payback deluxe is £25, but the ultimate pack has Rivals, 2015 and Payback, all deluxe/complete/etc for £25…

  3. Oh no..! This is so bad for my backlog…! Bloodborne DLC, The lost legacy, The Inpatient, etc., most of my wish list is on sale…

    • Bloodborne dlc is recommended, great fun.

      • Ok, thanks, I’m already struggling with the game’s difficulty, but I want to try it.

    • If you do grab Bloodborne dlc don’t wait until you have completed the main game or you’ll have to play it on NG+, which is significantly harder.

      • Yeah, I read that somewhere, thanks, I think it would be the right moment to get it. Just hope it’s doable and not much harder than the base game.

  4. Sale continues until the 18-06-18, should be just enough time to grab everything i absolutely NEED!

  5. God of war has been reduced to £34 loads is places including Argos – if you don’t want digital.

  6. Too many games. My backlog is a bottomless pit thanks to these past few sales and there’s about 5 or 6 games I want off this sale 🙄

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