It Looks Like Fallout Shelter Is Heading To PS4

Bethesda’s mobile hit Fallout Shelter is coming to PlayStation 4, it’s not been officially announced but trophies for the game have suddenly popped up and were spotted by Exophase. There are 34 trophies to collect including a Platinum.

The iOS version of the game won our Game Of The Year 2015: Best Mobile Game, “Fallout Shelter is a fantastic little game which manages to feel rewarding, even if there is no real purpose beyond carefully expanding your vault and collecting more caps and characters,” said Blair.

Expect a reveal at the Bethesda E3 show.

Source: Exophase

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  1. Great! Love FS but not played it since before they brought in questing, then it was too much to learn all the new stuff… so hopefully this will rekindle my love for the game!

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