Beat Saber Now Officially Confirmed For PlayStation VR

The VR rhythm game Beat Saber will be heading to PlayStation VR Beat Games has confirmed today, though there was stealth confirmation a few months back via an FAQ posted on Facebook. Beat Saber has already been available for Vive and Rift, where it managed to sell 50,000 copies in its first week on sale. You can watch the announcement trailer for the PSVR version of the game below.


As you can imagine you will need Move controllers to play the game, and I’d also assume some decent stamina to keep up with the rhythm of the music.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. It’s possibly the coolest rhythm action game i’ve seen but probably not something that would hold my interest for long.

  2. Well, that’s disappointing then. I was hoping they’d actually announce something we didn’t already know about.

    I thought it had already been released for PSVR anyway. It’s almost as if it was suddenly delayed so they could claim it was “eagerly anticipated” and make more of a fuss about it than it looks like it’s worth.

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