Dying Light 2 Announced, Jumps 15 Years into The Future

It feels like we’ve been waiting a long time for Techland to follow up on their hit zombie parkour mash up Dying Light, and now that they’ve announced Dying Light 2, it looks like a pretty big shift for the game.


Chris Avellone has joined Techland to create the story and narrative, which is set to have a much bigger role in this game. Set in the ‘Modern Dark Ages’ fifteen years after the zombie outbreak, your choices will have a bigger impact on the humanity that has survived and grown since then.

One example comes with the Peace Keepers, a totalitarian group that will bring stability, but only for those who join them and live by their rules. You can, however, work with the outlaws to, for example, offer water on the black market, leading to a more lawless city.

Of course, at night… it’s probably best to stay inside.

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  1. Dying Light is the greatest zombie game ever made IMO. This is so unexpected but so awesome. This could become the greatest zombie franchise ever.

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