A Storm Is Brewing In The Latest Just Cause 4 E3 Trailer

The bombast and destruction of Just Cause is looking to be even bigger than ever in Just Cause 4, as Avalanche look to push the craziness to an even higher level.

The biggest new addition is the extreme weather that can tear through the fictional South American country of Solis, from tornados to huge lightning storms and sandstorms. Avalanche also promise that the enemy AI has been amped up, so that the various archetypes, like shield guy, active camo guy and grenade launcher guy have more challenging AI.


Of course, Just Cause is all about that crazy grappling hook, and it’s now made more flexible than ever, letting you use more tethers and combining it with new things like airlifter balloons for more possibilities than before.

Here’s the new trailer and narration:

Just Cause 4 is out on 4th December this year for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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