Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has Every Smash Bros. Character In It, Coming Out In December

If Marvel thought Infinity War was the biggest crossover event, then Nintendo would like to have a few words. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming to Nintendo Switch on 7th December has been branded by them as “The biggest crossover in gaming history.”


The starting roster will still be small, but you’ll quickly earn them as you play. Oh, and 8-player battles will return.

As before, it draws from all of Nintendo’s games and beyond, from staples like Mario and Donkey Kong through to MewTwo, Villager, and dozens more. This also includes the Splatoon Inklings for the first time, as well as returning guests like Sonic, Solid Snake, Ryu, Pac-Man and plenty others. Every single fighter to have appeared in the series is there, and more.

The Inklings are interesting in how they paint enemies, making them more and more susceptible to damage, with abilities leading up to the Killer Wail attack. You can actually run out of ink, so you need to beware of their ink levels, and they have an assist trophy appearance from the Squid Sisters, making it easier for you to knock enemies off the screen during their concert. The sisters are just one of over 50 Assist Trophies.

Many of the characters have been adapted, so Mario has been given Cappy and can wear his Wedding and Builder outfits, Link wears his Champions Tunic and has remote bombs, Pikachu’s female version is in the game (and Pikachu Libre), you can play as a female Pokémon trainer, Fox’s design is based off his appearance in Star Fox Zero, Ryu will always face his opponent in one on one, and on, and on, and on.

Stages new and old are in the game, with returning levels having had their graphics updated. Moray Towers appears for the Splatoon, Great Plateau Tower from Breath of the Wild, and all stages have got omega versions.

Excellently, Super Smash Bros. will officially support Gamecube controllers via  the USB breakout box, and all the amiibo will be supported, even letting you bring your progress from previous games forward. This will include supporting amiibo from other series.

As a final reveal, Ridley from the Metroid series was announced as a new playable character. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to play as an angry space dragon, now you can!

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