Death Stranding’s E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer Finally Starts To Make Some Sense

After the numerous inexplicably weird trailers since Death Stranding’s announcement, this year’s E3 gameplay(-ish) trailer was an awful lot more intelligible. Norman Reedus’ character Sam is a delivery man, of some sort, trekking across achingly pretty environments with varying levels of unwieldy boxes on his back and drones following him.

The psychological horror elements are still very much there though, with invisible monsters leaving footprints in the ground, demanding that the humans stay out of their way somehow and stay silent. That’s where the baby in a jar comes in. Sam can sense these supernatural creatures, but the baby can work some crazy light thing and highlight them in the sky. That doesn’t mean they’ll be any easier to avoid.


The trailer also adds Lea Seydoux and Lindsey Wagner to the cast, but sadly had nothing to say on any kind of release window.

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  1. Utterly bonkers and I can barely wait.

  2. I’ve never been so drawn in by anything so bonkers before and I don’t know what’s more frightening, the monsters or the baby!

  3. The man’s a genius!

  4. Death Stranding, sponsored by Deliveroo.

    Certainly looks intriguing.

  5. Doesn’t really make sense… oh wait… it is a backpack simulator…! :o)

  6. Lindsay Wagner – that was an unexpected rekindling of a schoolboy crush! :) WTH is going on? There’s going to be an hour-long panel on the Playstation channel about the game – not sure when exactly as i stayed up too late- so hopefully we’ll get some more clarity on the mechanics then.

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