Spider-Man’s E3 2018 Showing Was All About The Villains

Sony’s Spider-Man has been thoroughly trailered over the last few years, but this year was less  about Spidey and more about the villains, showing a gameplay sequence in which he faced Electro, Rhino, and Scorpion as they bust up and out of a prison. We can see some web swinging, some combat and some cutscenes as he deals with the baddies, including late arrivals Vulture and Mr Negative.

The webhead mentions that he’s facing “every enemy he put away in the last five years,” hinting at where he is in his career, which is apparently that point where Batman lives, in which the enemies keep breaking out again. Mr Negative meanwhile mentions that “he” wants Spider-Man alive, implying that there is yet another bigger bad guy lurking in the shadows.


The gameplay gives off inFamous vibes, but with webs and stuff. It also shows Spidey getting stuck in the bath. One of these two things is made up. You can see which below.


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