The Last Of Us Part 2 First Gameplay Trailer Starts Off Sony’s E3 Show

The Last of Us Part 2 was the first game to get the trailer treatment at Sony’s E3 conference this year, though not after a short banjo number that outstayed its welcome a little. The story trailer showed an older Ellie and her girlfriend having a nice heart warming chat before it cuts to gameplay, with Ellie cutting some guy’s throat out and sneaking through a very pretty jungle.

After some light disembowelment, the game goes into the usual The Last of Us stealth gameplay, confirming Ellie to be at least playable. The gameplay showed a few new features, such as hiding under vehicles, though it didn’t help here as she was found regardless. It also shows a return of crafting, with Ellie crafting some explosive arrows from what looks to be a bit of a complex crafting menu. 

The 12 minute trailer can be seen below.


  1. Wow! Now there’s a trailer that’ll make a few people late for work. Looks incredible and so tense!

    • Wow. And nothing to add, as it’s late…

  2. Looks very good indeed, interested to learn more of the story.

  3. Ok I’ll be that guy, when?

    • Cos it’s looking good, 2019 I suppose, but could be any end..

      • Sony seem to have stopped announcing years and release dates for their games until they’re pretty certain they can hit it. Days Gone and Spider-Man are the only two games on their slate with actual dates.

  4. Stunning – i need to watch it again when i’m fully awake.. more coffee!

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