World War Z Has Started To Look Interesting In This New Video

The previous trailers for World War Z were rather dull so this new video is very welcome as it has a lot of gameplay and explains more about the title. It’s a four player-co-op game and will launch with three episodes, each with four characters per episode, set in New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem. Although the game is based on the movie it does seem to throw most of that out (including Brad Pitt) and takes more from the books, which is a good move.

You will be attacked by a lot of zombies, five hundred at a time, and there are strategic elements to the game allow you to build defences, although you do have limited resources. There are three classes or weapons, primary, secondary, and heavy and they include SMGs, crossbows, silent pistols, RPGs and many more. There will also be progression for the weapons so they can be upgraded.


The zombies will act like those in the movie and will ‘pyramid’ and form undead towers of flesh so they can reach you on higher levels. The developers have also made it clear there will be no zombie sex, just in case you were wondering.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Started off a little lacklustre but a few minutes in and things are genuinely interesting. On the metaphorical radar you go.

    Cheers for this. :-)

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