The News At Sixth: 18/06/18

Welcome back to The News At Sixth, I’m Fiona Bruce and here are the headlines. Beyond Good & Evil 2 won’t have a beta for bloody ages so don’t expect the game anytime soon, Kratos has returned to the to pof the charts, and boobs are to be de-jiggled in Dead or Alive 6.

Also Today…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has explained further how fan content will be used in Beyond Good & Evil II. What they didn’t mention at E3 is that fans will be paid for their work, but what they also didn’t mention is the pot is just $50,000 for the whole project, and not everyone who contributes will be paid. Whilst I think it’s a good idea to involve the fans this was the wrong way to do it, it looks like Ubisoft are trying to get work done for them on the cheap, or in some cases free. It would have been far better just to have a competition where fans could send in their submissions and they pick a bunch of winners who get prizes rather than this mess.

Telltale co-founder Kevin Bruner, who no longer works for the company, is suing them because reasons. Honestly, it’s really not that interesting.

Cross platform play in FIFA is something “we often talk about” say EA.

Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is an avid military aviation enthusiast so has teamed up with World of Warplanes for a documentary series. You know if Trump wasn’t President and we weren’t leaving the EU i’d probably stop and question that validity that last sentence I wrote, but these days, meh, whatever.

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