The News At Sixth – 21/06/18

I’ll be giggling along to descriptions of Improbable Boobs rather than writing about them this evening as it’s Porno Day for me, off to the Royal Albert Hall to get stuck in to some badly written sexual fiction with the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast team. Unfortunately nothing as exciting as that has occurred in the world of video games today but here’s what did happen.

Also Today

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is heading to Nintendo Switch on August 28th. “Victor Vran: Overkill Edition is the first game of its kind to arrive on the Nintendo Switch,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions, “A masterpiece both technically and in its gameplay, Haemimont Games’ classic action-RPG will be a must have addition for Switch owners around the world.”

Darwin Project goes free to play on Xbox early access on July 4th.

Square Enix have some news, their adventure game Forgotton Anne will get a major update this summer adding multiple languages to play. It will soon support Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese and Polish.


And Finally, here’s Yosh being sculpted in Dreams.

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