Three Fields Are Working On Danger Zone 2 & A Game That Sounds A Lot Like Burnout

Having been founded by some of the core team out of Criterion Games, there’s always been the hope that Three Fields Entertainment would get these developers back to doing what they were best known for: arcade racing. At long last, it seems like they might be doing just that, as they’ve revealed two new games.

The first of those, Danger Zone 2, builds on what was a spiritual successor to Burnout’s Crash Mode, taking it out of the sterile Test Area of the first game and onto real public roads. There’ll be crashes aplenty to be had on the freeways, motorways and autovias of the US, UK and Spain. Danger Zone 2 will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 13th July.

Much more interesting for fans of Burnout’s actual racing will be Dangerous Driving, a closed circuit racer that’s due out toward the end of this year. There will be boosting, there will be takedowns and there will be destruction.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Alex Ward said, ” We’re taking all we learnt to develop our most ambitious title to date. Dangerous Driving gets me back to making arcade racing, the kind of software I am most passionate about.”

Source: Three Fields via Eurogamer

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  1. Brilliant news! We all need more Burnout in our lives, take me doooown.

  2. Danger Zone 2 much more tempting than the original… but still only single player, no couch multiplayer, so count me out! Hopefully their other game has splitscreen…

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