Killing Floor 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend On Consoles

Tripwire Interactive’s shooty zombie death game, Killing Floor 2, is free to play this weekend on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but you will need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold, or both if you your going to pay two consoles at once. The free weekend ends on Monday at an unspecified time.

Anyways, the free weekend is to hype the launch of the recent The Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies update which adds steampunk airships and robots.

Source: Tripwire

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  1. Oh FFS! I just managed to get all the trophies a couple of weeks ago, and now they add more maps and a couple of trophies for collecting things on those maps? Or “collecting a few things and accidentally exploding the others”.

    I’m sure half those trophies I don’t even know what the things I’m supposed to collect like look like. Unless they really do look like “a large explosion”.

    Do I download the game again for a go on the new maps? And spend all of about 6 minutes accidentally collecting things for a couple of bronze trophies?

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