Life Is Strange 2 Will Begin This September

We know very little about Life is Strange 2 but we do know the release date thanks to this handy video. Episode one will land on September 27th, and further details about the game will be revealed during August.

Before then we will be treated to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a free episode set within the LIS universe, and one that may give hints to the second game. Fortuantly we don’t have to wait long for Captain Spirit as it launches in just a few days on June 25th.

Source: YouTube

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  1. Oh god, best crack on with Before the Storm.

  2. Presumably nothing to do with the first game then? Because of that ending having the potential to break the story if they suddenly decided the wrong choice was what it’s based on. Or I guess if they picked the right choice, it’d break it for whoever made the wrong choice.

    • The game includes a time travel mechanic so they can reset everything to whatever they want :)

      • It’d still be a bit crap if they decided to undo the end of the first game and not save the town.

        Actually, that’d be worse than just carrying on with the wrong ending.

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