Nintendo And Microsoft Issue A Trailer Highlighting Cross Platform Play In Minecraft

Now I could be wrong but this might be a world first; Nintendo have published a trailer on their official channel smothered in the Xbox green branding, with Xbox controllers, and the Xbox logo. At certain points in the trailer half of the screen is devoted to the rival consoles.

Obviously there’s a lot of things going on behind the scenes, Microsoft own Minecraft and Nintendo would be very happy to have the game on their system, and both of them are lagging way, way behind Sony so teaming up makes a lot of sense. That’s especially true for Microsoft who will soon by relegated to third place as the Nintendo Switch continues to sell by the bucketload, and Nintendo’s never been known for online play so adding the Xbox user base to those you can play against is a big win for them.


Meanwhile, Sony recently blurred out an Xbox controller in a Destiny 2 video. The original version published by Activision showed an Xbox One controller, the version on the PlayStation channel was identical but the controller was blurred out.

Source: YouTube / ResetEra

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  1. Staggeringly petty with Destiny 2 blurring.

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