Xploder PlayStation 4 Cheat System Review

Cheats in modern video games have become somewhat of a rarity. Where they were once commonplace, often used as a primitive checkpoint system before the advent of save data or as fun ways to unlock bonus content, they’ve been gradually phased out, morphing into collectible-driven unlocks or even small chunks of downloadable content.

Multiplayer and the increasing shift towards online connectivity in games is partly to blame, especially when keeping a level playing field online is so important, and it can also be said the the concept of using cheats is now somewhat outdated too. Games are far more accessible than they were a couple of decades ago and the ease of using mods on PC allows players to tweak their games well beyond inflating the size of characters’ heads in-game.

Still, there’s a strong demand for products such as the Xploder Cheats System. Along with GameShark and Action Replay, it’s a name many have grown familiar with over the years, allowing users to access exploits and unlocks across a selection of titles.


The latest, PS4 version of Xploder does exactly the same, working around one of the limits of this generation. Where PlayStation 3 owners may have been free to share save files online with one another, PS4 files are “signed” to your account, preventing users from simply downloading, then transferring them to their own consoles. In a nutshell, Xploder gets around this barrier. Once you purchase a license, download the software, and sign in, you’ll have access to a growing list of save files curated by Xploder’s stable of expert gamers.

Browsing their catalogue from A to Z, you can click on a game and see which saves are available before downloading them. You’ll then need to re-sign them and modify the region depending on which version of the game you own. Then it’s a simple case of transferring that data to your PS4 via USB. With a handy video tutorial available, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. The whole process takes just a few of minutes, if that.

Some of you are probably wondering why anyone would need the Xploder Cheat System in this day and age. Well, for those who haven’t got dozens of hours to spare, it’s great for skipping huge slabs of content and/or gaining access to certain, time-intensive unlocks such as bonus characters, levels, and game modes.

It’s a great tool for content creators as well, especially YouTubers. Having access to a variety of save files means they can dive in and capture a more diverse spread of footage instead of reusing the same ten minutes of intro gameplay for every video you produce.

Some of the files available offer more than simple progression unlocks. For a long time I’ve wanted to explore Bloodborne but with other, newer games constantly vying for my attention, I don’t have the time or patience to “git gud”. Having downloaded a save with 999,999,999 Blood Echoes from the get go has allowed me to become an instant powerhouse and experience parts of the game I never would have a hope of seeing otherwise. No, I didn’t earn it, but haters be damned.

There’s another camp of gamers who are no doubt curious about the Xploder: trophy hunters. Sure, you can argue that cheating one’s way to a particaulr pesky gold of platinum devalues the trophy system,  but the minority of die-hards chasing these virtual pieces of silverware already use exploits, multiplayer boosting, and other slightly questionable methods to get those trophies popping. Still, is using the Xploder a step too far?

Well, no. Just because you download a “100% completion” save file from their database doesn’t mean you’ll instantly boot up a game and bag that precious platinum. To be sure, we tested this across a small selection of both physical and downloadable titles and none of them coughed up an instant platinum trophy, which is probably a good thing, right? The way trophy progression is tracked varies from game to game, though the Xploder can still be used as a handy shortcut. For example, games that require a set number of stealth kills or crafted items may pop that related trophy after completing those specific actions just once after installing a maxed out save file.

Whatever your stance on trophy unlocking, worries about how this can impact multiplayer can be put to one side. Practically all games that are always online or come with a competitive multiplayer mode will store your profile and all its unlocks on servers, minimising the impact that downloading a save file can have. And that’s all that this really is; save files and some PC software. There’s no wall hacks here or glitched guns in COD, that’s not how this works, and things like the aforementioned Bloodborne save (which can tie into multiplayer) were actually based off blood echo farming exploits that you can perform yourself.

The biggest caveat here is curation. Xploder claims that its database is regularly maintained and updated, but there are definitely some issues. Most save files come tagged with short, vague descriptions while others are downright false and misleading. On more than a few occasions, we’d load up a “100% completion” file only to find that simply wasn’t the case.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Xploder doesn’t cover every PlayStation 4 title. There are plenty of omissions and it’s never clear when new games/saves are added to the database. Having an official Xploder news blog, forum, or social media channel keep users informed would be a big help.

In summary, the Xploder PS4 Cheat System is a great add-on for those that need or want it, but you should definitely do your homework before committing to buy. While incredibly simple to use, there are holes within its database and quite a number of save files are falsely labelled. Still, it’s a fun tool to experiment with and comes at a good price if you’re willing to shop around.

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  1. This definitely devalues trophies massively. Yes there are exploits people have used in the past, but they still required (often extensive) user input. Farming blood echoes for example would take hours. The Bloodborne platinum is a very tough one, now it’s not so tough, though still not easy.

    There’s been plenty of games out there where I couldn’t be bothered to go for the platinum because of boring collectibles. Now I can just download a file with all but 1 collected, grab that, nab the platinum.

    Whilst essentially it doesn’t matter to 99% of people, this definitely reduces the value of many platinum trophies out there.

  2. Expecting Sony to block this with a firmware update in 3.. 2..

  3. I haven’t heard of Xploder since the PS2 days, where it seemed to be everywhere. I’ve never used cheats since I started gaming on the SNES and I’m not about to start now. I’m not bothered about getting the Platinum trophy in every game as I would rather progress through it in an enjoyable way than spend hours on boring tasks.

  4. I’d be tempted if it was cheap enough, that bloodborne save would be worth that for me. But for >£20 I can’t really justify it to myself.

  5. This service is not the greatest…you are downloading someone elses savefile.

    Take a look at Save Wizard…they offer the ability to upload your own saves, edit or add cheats then download back resigned.

    The thing is that they try to make sure the cheats cannot be used online. For instance, they offer cheats for single player Uncharted 4 but none for multiplayer.

    But it is a general policy, they added cheats for Diablo 3 recently but people were using it in online for leaderboard entries ruining an online competition.

    I had a big squabble with Save Wizard about it and they eventually removed the cheats that were being used online.

    But if you are going to cheat much better you use your own saves? Although I understand getting a save with all areas unlocked might be good for content creators.

  6. The best cheat tool is the Save Wizard Max PS4.

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