Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Snake’s Peachy Buttocks Have Vanished

There are few pleasures in life but one of them is Snake’s buttocks. If you’ve played any Metal Gear Solid game you will have noticed his fine rump as wiggles his way through the grass, frankly it’s quite distracting, but it is what it is, a peachy pair of buttocks perched atop some impressive meaty thighs.

Snake does not skip leg day.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced recently and Nintendo have revealed that a number of characters are getting slight design tweaks, this includes Samus who now has naturally shaped breasts rather than the weird droopy water balloons she had in the previous game. However, fans have noticed something awful.

Travesty! Snake’s perfect derriere has been flattened! David Hayter, voice of Snake is returning for the game and has weighed in on the controversy, tweeting “There’s a whole host of reasons why it’s important.#FreeSnakesButt“.

Nintendo have yet to comment on Snake’s absent glutes but we hope this outrageous amendment will be corrected with haste.

Source: Polygon

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.

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  1. Nintendo forgot his arse pads. The reverse juice box.

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