Report: Telltale Are Ditching Their Engine And Moving To Unity

There’s a lot going on at Telltale at the moment, deals with Netflix, new management, and at last a move away from the horribly clunky Telltale Tool, the company’s in-house game engine. Variety reports that the final season of The Walking Dead will be the last to use the old engine, with Stranger Things the first game to move to Unity. It is suggested that the delays to The Wolf Among Us Season 2  and other projects are due to the shift to a new development platform.

It looks like the studio are back on track having floundered under the previous management, Kevin Bruner, who is now suing the company. “They shot down a lot of very clear slam dunk ideas,” a source explained to Variety “They had a very narrow idea of what Telltale projects should be. They often seemed to miss why people liked the games.”


“Breaking ground and telling fantastic stories is what Telltale Games has been known for… they are very much back on track in both arenas,” said Telltale Games board member Peter Levin.

Source: Variety

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  1. What does this mean for the aesthetics? I feel that they’re a large part of the storytelling identity….

    • Not a lot. We’ve moved on from every Unreal Engine 3 game looking like a UE3 engine game, but developers are much smarter with tweaking the lighting and using their own assets.

      Unity provides the basis for things like Firewatch, Cuphead, Yooka-Laylee, Life is Strange: BTS (the first LIS was UE3, oddly enough), Overcooked, Cities: Skylines, etc. etc. All these games look completely different, it just needs the developer to learn to get what they want from it.

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