Game Like It’s 2003 With Microsoft New Classic IntelliMouse

I think that pretty much everyone using PCs in the late 90s and early 2000s used a Microsoft IntelliMouse at one time or another. Microsoft have always made great peripherals and the IntelliMouse’s asymmetrical ergonomic design was iconic and set the bar for gaming mice to beat.

Of course, beat it they have in the fifteen years since the IntelliMouse 3.0 was released, but I’m sure there’s plenty nostalgia out there for the form and straightforward function of the mouse. At least, Microsoft are hoping you feel that way, and that’s why they’ve released the Classic IntelliMouse. It looks like the same old mouse, but underneath the shell it’s all modern technology.


The biggest difference in design is that the red light on the mouse has been replaced with a soft white downward glow, the laser sensor goes up to a much more modern 3200DPI, and the buttons have all been tweaked to improve their feel. That said, it still uses Omron switches (if that means anything to you) for the main left and right buttons, but it’s now Kailh switches (if that means anything to you) for the wheel and side buttons, so they should be a bit clickier.

For a blog about the mouse, Devices Design Director Simon Dearsley said, “What many people may not know, is the majority of gaming mice in the world are still patterned off the IntelliMouse 3.0. If you compare almost any modern gaming mouse you’ll see they have the same ergonomic DNA and form as the IntelliMouse. It’s a really significant contribution to the industry that we’re really proud of.”

Source: press release, Windows Blog

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  1. I’ve been through so many mice including a couple of intellimice, they were great! Top of the bill though was the good old Logitech MX518, if the rubber hadn’t gone all tacky and picked up more muck than a nightclub floor I’d still be using it now. I had a Microsoft Sculpt up until recently too, very novel but so comfy, sadly not sharp enough for my amateur photoshopping. I currently have a Logitech G603 which I think you guys reviewed last year, bagged it for £40 and considering the quality, price and easy option to connect by bluetooth I can’t see myself changing for a long time now.
    What do you lot have under your sticky paws?

    • I’m a sucker for Logitech’s free spinning wheels. So I’ve got a G700 or something. Far too many thumb buttons, the battery lasts barely any time before needing recharging, but it’s great and a more modern equivalent is rather pricey right now.

      • The G700 looks very nice, it’s funny how all those buttons look so useful and when you click buy you’re intending to use them all, then of course you don’t :) I’ve never fancied a freewheeling scroll, a nice subtle click seems like th difference between a life saving flash bang and a chaotic AWPing to the head. Not that I’ve played CounterStrike this decade.
        I can thoroughly recommend the G603 for its battery life, I believe it’s so long that you forget what batteries are.

  2. So just to double check, mouse wheel clicks in (button) and also buttons either side as well? (probably Mouse Button 4 and 5). If so, I may well get that.

    • The wheel will click and then 4 and 5 will be paired up under the thumb on the left.

      • Ah, right. So not either side (like my current one). However, that’ll work for me. Sold. Thanks, fella. :-)

  3. I’ve been through dozens of mice over the years, MS included, but for the past few years I’ve been using a vertical mouse. It’s a lot more comfortable to use especially for long periods.

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