Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Update Adds Nintendo Labo Support

Nintendo’s Labo experiment hasn’t exactly set the world alight in terms of sales, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo are chucking it all in the recycling just yet. Instead, they’re bringing Labo together with Mario Kart 8, adding a new control scheme designed for the motorbike Toy-Con that comes in the Labo Variety Kit.


The motorbike Toy-Con already came with an odd little bike racing game in the Labo software, letting you race around on circuits against AI, but this will make much better use of the set up, giving players a full game that they can try to take on with Labo. You can either play with the Switch tablet inserted into the motorbike Toy-Con or docked and playing on TV, with all the motion tracking done by the Joy-Con in the handles.

That said, will anyone actually use it? I can count the number of times I’ve spammed “I’m using tilt controls” in a Mario Kart 8 online lobby and actually been using tilt controls on a single finger, and I doubt any discerning gamer has ever used them for anything but a bit of a laugh. Still, Nintendo keep putting motion controls in their games and this could be an idle thing to play with or, more likely, a handicap for the best player when friends and alcohol are involved…

It’s the first time that Labo has spread outside its own little bubble, and Nintendo say that more titles will be made compatible with Nintendo Labo in the future. Cross your fingers for Robot Kit support in ARMS.

Source: press release

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