World Of Tanks: Mercenaries Rebrands The Game On Console

There’s an ever-so-slightly confusing divide between World of Tanks on PC and World of Tanks on console (where it’s available on PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360), but that’s been made a tiny bit less confusing today with World of Tanks: Mercenaries. This adds new multiplayer and single player content to the game and gives it a bit of a rebrand in the process.


The update adds a new mercenary faction to the game, which have been introduced as a new country of sorts. This kicks off a new story campaign in an alternate history where World War II never ended. The new War Stories campaign, The Heist, is the start of tis spin-off world, with alternate history PvE missions to take on, following a crew of mercenaries sent to raid a secret facility and steal nuclear materials.

For the PvP game, the new Mercenary nation has a new Tech Tree to follow, where collecting parts through a new Contract system lets you combine them together into new Mercenary vehicles. It also revamps a few of the PvP battle maps to fit the new world, and there will be further additions with new Crews, maps and in-game events off the back of this.

Source: press release

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