Rey Mysterio Confirmed For WWE 2K19

After a four year absence the revolutionary luchador and “Master of the 619”, which I truly hope is a wrestling move and not something filthy, Rey Mysterio, will be returning to the next WWE game from 2K. He will be be wearing the same outfit as he did in the 2018 Royal Rumble but will be a pre-order bonus.

“Since my WWE debut in 2002, ‘Never Say Never’ – the WWE 2K19 campaign theme – has been a big part of my career. It is an honor to join the likes of Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Sting, Ultimate Warrior and Arnold Schwarzenegger as one of two WWE 2K19 pre-order playable characters,” said Rey.


He definitely said that, it wasn’t emailed to him by a PR person from 2K and he just signed off the wording. No sir, he absolutely said that.

Source: Press release

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