Bungie Preview Update 1.2.3 For Destiny 2


Update 1.2.3 for Destiny 2 is a little way off and won’t drop until July 17th but we do have a preview of the changes coming courtesy of Bungie.  Supremacy is being removed from Quick Play, I know a lot of people don’t like it but it was my favourite mode, and Rumble joins the playlist permanently.

There will also be a Prestige difficulty for both the Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars raid lairs. These will use activity modifiers and a new system of curated loadouts which means you can only take certain types of weapons in to battle, for example  Auto Rifle/Submachine Gun/Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle/Hand Cannon/Rocket Launchers. That sounds hideous to me, my Guardian is specifically set up to be a Auto-rifle, rocket launching tank, I don’t have any buffs for other weapon types.

Here are the Crucible changes coming next month:

Crucible Playlist Update
  • Quickplay
    • Increasing player configuration to 6v6 and updating the playlist description
    • Removing Supremacy from the pool of available game modes
    • Control
      • Updating Control win score to 150
      • Control Zones will initially be neutral
    • Clash
      • Updating Clash win score to 100
  • Competitive
      • Bomb Fuse timer in Countdown lowered from 40 seconds to 35 seconds
  • General
    • Rumble will become a full-time playlist
    • Supremacy will be added to the weekly featured playlist, updated to 6v6, and have a win score of 150
Crucible Ranks Update
  • Players will be able to earn Valor rank from additional playlists:
    • Competitive
    • Crucible Labs
    • Iron Banner
    • Trials of The Nine
  • Joining a game in progress will protect your Valor Win Streak for that game
    • If you lose: No penalties incurred to your Valor Win Streak
    • If you win: Valor Win Streak increases
  • Players will be matched using their Glory rank
    • This means your opponents will be of similar rank to you
    • The higher you climb, the tougher the opponent
  • Glory Loss Streaks will be re-tuned to be less punishing over time
    • Consecutive losses will decrease the Rank Points lost instead of increasing
    • Streaks will still cap out at 5
  • All Rank Streaks will no longer reset once they hit their cap

Source: Bungie

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  1. No mention of the ridiculous over abundance of power ammo in the crucible sadly. Ah well, the changes they have listed are all good though.

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