What We Played #363 – H1Z1, Lumines Remastered & Donkey Kong Adventure

It’s been a week that most British people would describe as ‘scorchio’, because faux-Spanish never went out of fashion after the mid-90s. It’s been far too hot and I’ve spent most of the week with a desk fan pointed straight at my face, occasionally eating ice cream.

But I’ve also played some pretty great games in the past seven days. I returned to Mario + Rabbids for the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, got to punch slightly blurrier Nazis in the still impressive Switch port of Wolfenstein II, relived the mid-2000s with Lumines Remastered, and got a taste of Life Is Strange 2 with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

It’s fine, I didn’t want to go outside anyway! But I did, because I visited Bandai Namco to play a bevy of upcoming fighting games like SoulCalibur VI and Jump Force. You can expect my thoughts on those to surface sometime next week.

It’s been a simple week for Aran, who played an hour of The Crew 2, a bit of XCOM 2 and a lot of Onrush – “Love that game,” he said. Joining him on The Crew 2 duty was Tuffcub, who had some bad luck with the game crashing  a couple of times. Still, he described the racing as “good, but racing games don’t need a story.” Alongside that, he’s played Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered for review, and won at Fives in H1Z1 with a team of TSA filk. Sadly the appeal is starting to fade and it needs and update in his opinion.

That’s an opinion that’s shared by Jim, who thinks Daybreak need to pick up the pace to match Fortnite, but still reckons H1Z1 is the best Battle Royale game out there at the moment. With that it’s been a return to Jak X Combat Racing, a fresh campaign in Total War: Attila, and Magic The Gathering Arena on PC, which is worryingly addictive despite just being in beta and not particularly accessible for newcomers to the genre.

Jake picked up Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on Switch and has been really enjoying it. “It’s a good port even if it is visually scaled down,” he said, but I’m sure it’s still a pretty big step up over going back and playing on PS1. Alongside that it’s been Hexologic for review, he finally picked up Splatoon 2 and has been enjoying bits of Fortnite on both Switch and PS4, trying to get two separate sets of challenges done.

Sticking with the Switch, Jason also played Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure, which joined his usual diet of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. It’s all be God of War and making Kratos should “Boy!” every few seconds for Ade, while Steve finished off Crash 3 and cleared up a bunch of collectables in Lego Incredibles. Next on Steve’s list is South Park: The Fractured but Whole.

It seems that Dom was the only one to actually go outside and enjoy the sunshine, because he’s been holidaying with the family! But he’s still played some games as well, with Lumines Remastered on Switch alongside some multiplayer shenanigans in Gear Club Unlimited and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

So how about you? Have you been soaking up rays from the Sun this week? Or have the only rays of light been emanating from a TV or computer screen? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Lots of sun for me, eth-eth-eth-eth scorchio! A bit of football too, I’m not usually interested but every now at then there’s a bit of gold like Batshuayi catching a celebratory rebound in the face, hilarious! I finished off Shadow of the Colossus too, bringing down all but two without resorting to Google. It was an amazing game, literally gripping. I think I’ll try Gravity Rush 2 next.

    • That rebound was very funny indeed..! :o)
      There were some other hilarious things happening, like that South Korean guy just in front of the German’s goal, having the ball dropped out of nowhere in front of his feet. Or the Swiss media discussing for about a week more what kinds of cheering a goal would be acceptable, instead of how their team had actually played.

      • The double eagle celebration was threatening to get a little out of hand…

  2. Too much sun! Far too hot. I’m sweating so much, I’m fairly sure my pants are actually dissolving.

    Needless to say, there wasn’t much VR action this week.

    There was quite a bit of Lumines Remastered. Which is as annoyingly addictive as ever. Some of those missions are already annoying me. When you fail to clear everything in the time limit several times, and then suddenly do it in just 32 seconds!

    Also, Rainbow Skies. Deserves much more than 5/10. Slightly more complicated battle system than it seems at first, once you start taking advantage of attacks that move you around. Too many sidequests, but that’s not a problem. Less grinding required than Rainbow Moon so far. Guess it’s going to be 100+ hours again. Definitely recommended if you liked Rainbow Moon, or all the games it’s lovingly borrowed stuff from.

    Apart from that, all the various things I’m slowly working my way through. I’ll claim back enough space to actually install something big soon. Maybe.

  3. Not a lot for me this week cheesy peas, had to take advantage of the good weather or i’d be all butro butros gali.
    Just some more NMS, another Talos Principle location completed – as MrYd said the puzzles can be mindboggling at times until you get that d’oh moment – and a quick stint with the sweaty hat to replay The Persistence demo and to check out Skyrim VR’s new update which, while not adding up to a noticeable increase in resolution or textures so much, has still managed to improve the clarity of the visuals.

  4. Been busy with insane hours of work…. but still managed to get time to chill in the garden as the weather has been wonderful. Finally build a gate for my garden and will pain it next probs in a week or so lol
    I started playing Detroit: Become Human and nabbed the Platinum #353 and gained a trophy level 62
    Still play H1Z1 daily and had a fantastic FIVES mode with TSA which we won! (Recorded the vid which is on Youtube)
    Lastly I just started playing Crew 2 and I am enjoying it so far but still have a few problems that I wish could be fixed but again it is enjoyable.

  5. I watched quite a bit of football, with some hilarious outcomes and for now, the teams I wanted to stay in are still in, and those I wanted out are out. The next important matches for me are both on Tuesday, let’s see how things go.

    Apart from that I played HZD, and started to enjoy it. The story could pick up a little more, but there is one, and that is a good thing.

  6. Mainly Vampyr this week, in between sunbathing and bbq’s. I’m also decided to dye my hair blonde – they have more fun, right? ;-)

    So Vampyr… I’m enjoying it so far. It reminds me A LOT of the Dishonored games. Ish. Not quite AAA but somewhere in the AA zone. One thing that really bugs me though is locking myself out of hints. It’s not always obvious which is the ‘right’ answer and the completist in me can’t stand being locked out of anything. Especially when you can’t undo your actions – seems kind of unfair. Other than that, I’m enjoying exploring the world and speaking to the various characters. Trying to do a ‘nice’ run but I can’t wait to eat everyone on my ‘mean’ playthrough. Good so far. Great score!

    Also purchased Fé in the latest sale. I feel like I spend more time buying games these days than I do actually playing them.

    • I do enjoy but the ‘nice’ run ruined it for me… and agree about the hint being locked. I get confused which character did I talked that got a certain hint unlocked for a certain character and I’m running all over the place lol

    • I have these moments too, when I suddenly realise I spend more time browsing the sales in the store than actually playing all those games I’d already bought… But I doubt getting beaten up would help with that…

  7. Excited by the news on AC Odyssey I’ve been playing AC Origins and I feel I’m enjoying it more this time around for whatever reason.

    Having said that it still has its issues, considering the source material the story could have been so much better and Bayek is still a boring old fart.

    The intense uptick in difficulty when you wander into a high level area is just stupid.

    PES 18. My side by side World Cup is progressing nicely and Germany qualified…virtually.

    Tried out the new DLC for CoD WW2, probably the most fun CoD in 3 or 4 years. Never got to grips with the futuristic ones or the BO series. War mode is a blast though in all the years I’ve probably played a cumulative 45 minutes of zombies, not really my bag.

    Not that any of it matters, I’m truly awful at it, a K/D ratio of 0.17 pretty much tells the story. Still, 30 minutes here or there is fun enough for me.

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