Amazon List Splinter Cell, Bloodborne 2 For PS4, And Sunset Overdrive 2

Amazon Italy have posted listings for a lot of games that don’t exist but I think they’re probably just wishful thinking rather than a leak. Sunset Overdrive 2 was listed but we know Insomniac are busy making VR games and Spider-Man, and the original didn’t sell all that well so that seems very doubtful. That said, Microsoft just spent a bucket load of cash picking up developers and exclusive games so it may be true, and it could be with a different developer.

They also listed Splinter Cell for current gen, you may recall Walmart also listed the title and it’s about the only one the leaked that didn’t show up at E3, so we’re still expecting that to appear at some point. Bloodborne 2 was also listed for PlayStation 4, that seems plausible. The listings have been deleted so either they were leaks or someone got a slapped writs for posting rubbish.


However, Amazon Italy also listed the Dreams release date as February 22nd, which is the same date as Days Gone, and there’s no way Sony would release both games on the same day.

So in summary: Probably a load of tosh, but who knows.

Source: ResetEra 

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  1. Wouldn’t mind a new splinter cell game.
    I really enjoyed blacklist so this is definitely welcome.

    As for sunset overdrive only played the first 25mins before giving up.

    Bloodbourne i couldn’t get into but may dive back into at some stage.

  2. I would love a new Bloodborne game – if i ever manage to complete the first one! xD

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