The Starhawk Servers Have Been Shut Down Without Notice

Warhawk was brilliant and the servers are still online so it’s a shame that Starhawk didn’t live up expectations. It crashed and burned on launch, only managing to hit no.17 on the week of launch before falling out of the charts.

Why it failed is debatable but for me the base building addition was an addition I could have lived without. The game was also only initially available in stores, Warhawk was one of the few games available digitally at the time so if you looked at the PSN store it was always visible and therefore sold by the bucket load.

Despite announcing a raft of server closures in the past week Sony didn’t mention Starhawk, but an addition to the game’s page on the PSN store reveals the multiplayer servers were shut off on Saturday 30th June.

Multiplayer features for Starhawk will be terminated and no longer be available after June 30th, 2018. The single-player campaign and any other offline content will continue to be playable.

In the days of battle royale Warhawk seems like the ideal candidate to be revived for PS4. The PS3 game was damn near perfect so just make that but bigger, go on Sony you know you want to.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Didn’t really get into Starhawk,though Warhawk bloody loved that game and my first venture into online gaming,many hour driving around in a jeep or tank with a mate running over a gunning folks down or blowing shit up in a hawk,come on Sony lets get Warhawk back.

  2. Adding my support for another reboot of Warhawk – as close to perfect as a multiplayer experience goes in my opinion. Starhawk was fun in places but ultimately paled in comparison to the original.

  3. Agree totally Tuffcub, a Warhawk Royale mode would make many people very happy

  4. I haven’t gotten into this recent battle royale craze at all but a new Warhawk would be a bloody brilliant move by Sony.

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