Velocity 2X And Manual Samuel Are Heading To Nintendo Switch

Velocity 2X, one of the very few games that has been awarded 10/10 here on TheSixthAxis, is heading to Nintendo Switch. The game was ported to Xbox One and PC by Sierra but it’s Curve Digital who are handling the Nintendo version.


“As big fans of both arcade shmups and action-platformers, Velocity 2X has always held a special place in our hearts. Playing it on the Switch’s pristine, handheld screen, it feels better than ever,” said Curve Digital Product Manager Cédrine Décoret.

Velocity 2X will be landing on Switch this August, and Curve also bringing Manual Samuel to the console the same month. Exact dates will be revealed shortly.

Source: Press release

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  1. Obviously great news for the Switch. I played this because it was free but it’s really not my kind of thing.

    Had a read through the review comments, highly entertaining stuff.

    • Ah the days when we used to get 40+ comments per post.

      Most of the rude and accusing of being paid off by EA, Activision or whoever to be fair.

      • Wouldn’t necessarily say most, the accusing posts were handled very nicely though.

        Having said that, controversy is good for publicity, reminds me of the fantastic “Rockstar ate my hamster” I played to death on Amstrad 464+, never did get 4 golden records…

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